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Friday, December 16 2016
Auto Battery Service, Replacement in Warminster, PA

Between the heater, the lights, and all the other things that use your car’s battery, winter puts a serious strain on your vehicle’s battery. Over time, your car’s battery loses power, which could cause a problem if it dies, leaving you stranded. It’s a good idea to check your battery every six months, with most experts saying checking every April and November is a good way to keep track. Just in case if you haven’t checked yet, here are three ways to tell if your battery needs a replacement.

1. Battery Lifespan

There’s a lot of debating between experts, but the typical lifespan of a brand-new battery is anywhere between three to five years. Most batteries are stamped with a production date for you to track its age.

There isn’t a set mileage or time to replace your battery, because they wear out differently, based on a number of factors, including car use, quality, and weather conditions. If your car sits for a long period, it may lose a charge faster than a car that is driven every day. Making sure to check your battery before a change in season, as the change in weather could cause battery failure.


2. Car Battery Quality

A longer warranty on a battery can often indicate a battery’s longevity. A better warranty is usually attached to a more expensive battery, with extra power. For example, a battery with 600 cold-cranking amps will probably have a three-year warranty rather than a one or two year warranty.

You can also inspect for acid leakage, corrosion on the terminals, or test your battery to get a sense of your battery’s longevity.


3. Warning Signs

There are a few telltale signs of a failing battery, including slow engine crank, issues with electrical components, or if the dashboard warning light shows up! If any of these are happening to your vehicle, you need to immediately get a new battery!


Making sure your battery is in the best condition will keep you and your vehicle safe for a long time. If you have battery problems or want to get it tested, bring your car into Sam’s Auto Service, we can take care of any problems that your vehicle might have before the snow starts falling! We’re conveniently located in the heart of Warminster, PA for all your auto repair needs! Visit us at 228 E Street Rd Warminster, PA 18974 or give us a call at (215) 675-9462!

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Thursday, December 08 2016
Brake Service in Warminster, Bucks County

Recognizing problems with your car before they become a larger issue is the key to cost-efficient auto maintenance. Brakes are one of the most critical safety components of your vehicle - they keep it stopped, and can stop it at any time! Being able to identify problems with the brakes can help you avoid a breakdown or worse! You don’t really need to know the physics of how brakes operate to identify these four red flags that you need brake service or repair.


Screeching, Grinding, or Squeaking

Unnerving noises point to a problem with the brake pads or shoes. Much like a tire tread, brake pads wear down over time. Worn-out pads cause damage to other brake parts, which leads to a larger problem and costly repairs.


Vibration While Braking

If you notice pulsing or vibrating sensation through your foot on the brake pedal, or feel it through the steering wheel, the cause could be worn brakes, come to Sam’s Auto Service!


Squishy, Less Effective Brake Pedal

Does it take extra effort to push the pedal? Does your car take longer to stop, or needing to take a longer distance to brake? You could be driving a dangerous vehicle because your pads are definitely worn. Call us immediately to schedule an appointment!



While braking, if your car ‘pulls’ from one side to the other, then there’s probably an issue with the brakes. You made need some adjustments and some more brake fluid.


Making sure your brakes are in the best condition will keep you and your vehicle safe for a long time. If you have brake problems, or just need a tune-up, bring your car into Sam’s Auto Service, we can take care of any problems that your vehicle might have before the snow starts falling! We’re conveniently located in the heart of Warminster, PA for all your auto repair needs! Visit us at 228 E Street Rd Warminster, PA 18974 or give us a call at (215) 675-9462!


Winter can be a very dangerous time of year, so don’t forget to drive safely!

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Thursday, October 20 2016
Brake Pad & Rotor Inspection - Vehicle Safety

All About Brakes

Last month we blogged about the changing season and the importance of healthy tire tread.  Another key element to maintaining a safe and reliable automobile is ensuring that your brake system is fully functional.  Even the thickest tread possible cannot force your vehicle to STOP if the brakes fail.  While annual inspection of your brakes is required by PA State Law, here at Sam's Auto Service we recommend having your brakes inspected by a trained technician at least twice per year. 

Some things that you as a vehicle owner and driver can look or listen for are the following:

steering wheel trembling while braking

high-pitched metal to metal sound while braking

soft brakes (little to no resistance when braking)

liquids leaking from the undercarriage of the vehicle


Of course, we at Sam's Auto are at your service! A quick and easy inspection of your brake pads and rotors by an experienced and qualified technician will determine whether or not your brake system is performing at its optimal level.  During an oil change or other routine visit, our trained technicians will look for signs of potentially hazardous brake issues such as:

unevenly worn brake pads

heat spots on brake rotors

warped or uneven rotors

tension or jams within the brake system

cracked or collapsed brake hoses


This examination takes very little time and will help keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. If your vehicle is due for an oil change or was inspected more than 5 or 6 months ago, please call us and make an appointment  at 215-675-9462 so that we can inspect the health of your brake system and get you safely on the road.

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Tuesday, September 06 2016
Free Fall Auto Service - Fall Check-Up

FREE Fall Check-Up!

Offer good until October 15th, 2016


Fall is fast approaching and the kids are back in school.  It is a beautiful time of year, but those colorful leaves falling from the trees can be slippery, and especially dangerous in wet conditions.

At Sam’s Auto Service, we are committed to ensuring your family’s safety while on the road.  We know that not all accidents can be avoided, after all, that is why they are called accidents. But, your car’s tires can make all the difference.  A well balanced set of tires with tread that meets safe driving specifications can be the difference between a collision and a close-call.



We CAN take certain steps to decrease the odds of having an auto accident.  As automobile owners and drivers, we are the most effective by servicing and maintaining our vehicles regularly.

That is why at Sam’s Auto Service we are offering a FREE 27 Point Safety Inspection and FREE Tire Rotation.*

Call us today at 215-675-9462 or stop at Sam’s Auto Service on Street Road in Warminster to schedule your FREE Fall Check-up before October 15th, 2016.

*This offer is for a FREE courtesy safety check, not for PA State Inspection.

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Wednesday, April 20 2016

Updates Coming Soon!

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